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Where to get in the mood for Christmas in Dublin City


Dublin's Iconic Buildings and Bridges

Winter scenes and Christmas themes are depicted with light projections on our architectural icons across the city on the run-up to Christmas. From Capel Street Bridge you can see the Civic Offices at Wood Quay beautifully lit and it's also the perfect vantage point to look down sparkling Parliament Street towards City Hall, glowing bright, Christmas-red.


Heading down Dame Street, Trinity College comes into view, bathed in an icy blue with swirling snowflakes falling down its iconic columns.

custopms house

Follow the river, staying on the South Side, heading towards the Docks, all the way to the Customs House and Liberty Hall. Our favourite, by far, is the Customs House. It's a gorgeous building that gets reflected perfectly in the water before it. With nothing to block your view from across the river, the projections will put you into a trance, even in the cold!


It's hard then not to be drawn to the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The strings of it's harp-inspired design have been turned into a beautiful light show, that even the passing traffic can’t distract you from!

wilsonpicket bridge
gafton street

Follow the Christmas Lights

On the South side of the city head to Grafton Street near St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. Walk slowly in the glow of the Christmas chandeliers that cross overhead the whole way down the street, making sure to take an odd left or right off it as well.


The church of St. Anne's is a beautiful backdrop for the twinkling canopy on Anne Street South, especially during sunset. The narrow, cobbled Johnson's Court leading to Powerscourt Town Centre is straight out of a Christmas card.

annestreet church

Head over to the North Side to Henry Street. It's filled with bright stalls for last minute stocking fillers and the lights leading all the way to the Spire will bring out your child-like love for the season no matter how cynical you are!

the one with the kids
orla christmas tree

Over in Smithfield Square you’ll find probably the best Christmas tree in Dublin. This Square hosts a Christmas market every year as well.


Christmas Window Shopping

We hate shopping at the best of times but the it's worth stepping inside St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre for its decorations. Head up to the very top of the building to the food court for the best view.

stephens green shoppong center
ass brown

The shop windows of Brown Thomas on Grafton Street are visited every year by Irish from all over the country. It’s sort of a tradition and thankfully you don’t have to spend all your money in this exclusive high street store to see them!


Powerscourt Town Centre only beats the decor in Stephen’s Green because the building itself is one of Dublin’s most beautiful Georgian houses. It boasts some unique, albeit expensive, shopping including wares from Irish designers.

inside bar

Farrier & Draper in Powerscourt Townhouse has open fires and proper christmas trees that waft that lovely pine scent when you walk through the doors. This is the place for instant festive feels and you can relax with a mulled wine in a comfy sofa chair.


You will be tempted to spend money in George's Street Arcade because it hosts some of the most unique and interesting shops and stalls to be found in Dublin. It’s one of Europe’s oldest shopping arcades and it looks its best at Christmas time.

georges arcade
eat yard

Eatyard beside the Bernard Shaw Pub on South Richmond Street becomes Yuleyard for Christmas and it doesn’t disappoint. Hot festive drinks and loads of delicious treats on offer every weekend right up to Christmas. If you keep missing the Christmas markets (like we did) get in here!

If you’re thinking of visiting Dublin City then try Christmas time. You won’t regret it!